Half Man Half Biscuit - Gubba Lookalikes chords

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(intro A  D E (x9))
A                             D      E
They come from underneath the stairs
A                       D      E
Into my room but no-one cares
A                             D     E
They're on the bus and on the train
A                             D     E
They're knocking on my window pane.
A                       D     E
Oh mother telephone the nurse
A                          D     E
Can't you see it's getting worse
A                            D     E
I close my eyes yet still it seems
A               D      E
Everybody in my dreams,
      A            D  E           A             D  E,  A  D E (x5)
Gubba look-A-likes          Gubba look-A-likes.
A                          D    E
I wake up screaming in the hall
A                        D   E
I didn't mean to wake at all
A                           D    E
I run and lock the bathroom door
A                             D    E
Turn on the taps and out they pour.
A                            D     E
Through all the villages and towns
A                         D      E
A thousand sandy coloured clowns
A                             D      E
I try and escape down private drives
A                             D      E
And then I reach the Reader's Wives.
      A            D  E           A             D  E,(instr  A  D E (x9))
Gubba look-A-likes          Gubba look-A-likes.
A                          D              E                   
In order to fling off this curse, I spend all day drinking in
A                            D            E
Diverse taverns, with smarmy acrobats and balding senators.
A                                    D                     E
But after a while they too adopt the likeness and begin to breed like
          A  D E, A  D E
town pigs.
A                               D                   E
As a drunken lump I fall into a state of blissful unconsciousness
A                                 D         E
But the moment is fleeting and I awake once more in despair
A                       D              E     A  D E
And in my final agonies believe myself lost.
      A            D E            A            D E
Gubba look-A-likes          Gubba look-A-likes.
         A                             D               E
In every film and every play, on every public right of way
         A                               D                  E
On every flag I see unfurled, on all the grounds in all the world
              A              D           E
The one-armed bandits in the bar, in the back of every car
         A                         D           E
And even on my dying day they'll refuse to go away
       A                                D                  E
When I walk towards the light something somewhere won't be right
             A                                 D          E
And what was once my Uncle Keith says there'll never be relief
             A                           D   E
And we'll go on and on and on and on and on.
      A            D E            A            D E,   A  D E (to fade)
Gubba look-A-likes          Gubba look-A-likes.
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