Half Man Half Biscuit - Improv Workshop Mimeshow Gobshite chords

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G           F                        C           F
Tower block, you couldn't score in a tower block
   G              F          D  D7
Do you wash plates down the WI?
G                    F                           C             F
Went down town, down town, saw you pasteling the precinct floor
G            F                    D   D7
Had no qualms but I complained anyway.
             G                                   D
'Cos I'm the big cheese down at the Tourist Information
I work out of Barmouth where the bathing is safe
Dropkick the improv workshop mimeshow gobshite
Out on to the sandbank and then send in the clowns.
D                        D7 G
We must do brunch sometime, that place by Pineapple
Cats, Phantom, Starlight, Les
         G                F  
It's the cohorts from the dance class
                                   D     (instr G D G D G) 
And they haven't paid their domino fees.
D                      D7 G
How many of yous lot know that song by Blackfoot Sue
"I'm Standing In The Road"
    G                   F                                D
Was penned by the burly physio of non-league Farnborough Tow-w-w-w-n?
G                                   D
Big cheese down at the Tourist Information
Come forth with your queries and I'll wade out for miles.
Never trust a Crown Green bowler under thirty
The future's so dull I've gotta sing torch songs.
Ah dropkick the improv workshop mimeshow gobshite
Face paint, Left Banke, Kenneth, Emma, R A D A, Rainer Werner, 
                                 G  D  GFCD
Cokeheads, cokeheads, cokeheads.
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