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Hall And Oates - I Cant Go For That chords

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I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
Album: Private Eyes
Writers: Daryl Hall, John Oates, Sara Allen
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Intro: Abm7  Bb  (Repeat 4x)

Guitar Riff: (Twice)

Eb           Eb                F F 
Easy, ready, willing, overtime,
Eb                               Eb         F F 
Where does it stop, where do you dare me to draw the line.
Eb                           Eb             F F 
You've got the body, now you want my soul,
Eb         Eb                Abm7 Bb 
Don't even think about it, say no go. (Yeah)

Pre Chorus:
   C   C/B      C/Ab                      Am  
Oh I-- I 'll do anything that you want me to do,
    C    C/B       C/Ab                       Am  
And I'll do almost anything, that you want me too, ooh,

Chorus:  (Use intro riff)
    Abm7           Bb    Abm7     Bb 
But I can't go for that,          No can do
    Abm7           Bb    Abm7     Bb 
No, I can't go for that,          No can do
    Abm7           Bb    Abm7     Bb 
Oh, I can't go for that,          No can do

I can't go for being twice as nice
I can't go for just repeating the some old lines
Use the body now you want my soul
Oo forget about it say no go

Pre Chorus:

Sax Solo:   Abm7  Bb  (Repeat 4x)
Pre Chorus:

Sax Solo Outtro & Vocal Ad lib:    Abm7  Bb  (Repeat a lot)
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