Hall And Oates - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid Acoustic chords

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First tab/chord dealie! You can be honest, but please be civil. This is what my 
ears heard and hands wanted to play. 
Played open E.

*Dm/G: E A D G B E
       3 X 3 2 3 X
*The Dm/G was a tough choice since I liked each chord sound. My better half 
pointed out the G is the bass chord likewise the Dm a treble. So you can play the 
Dm/G, either of the 2 or with someone & split them.
Whew, the rest is pretty easy. :-)

   A        Dm/G                              A
 I          feel           like I could run away
G                    D
Looking at a darker day
        G                  A
Oh I'm pulling the shades away from my eyes

         A         Dm/G                    A                             
It's true      the moody  manners come and go
          G                      C
And it's better that you never know

C               Fm
Some things are better left unsaid
C                Fm
Some strings are better left undone
C               Fm            A   A7   A  A7
Some hearts are better left unbroken
C              Fm
Some lives are better left untouched
C             Fm
Some lies are better off believed
C              Fm            A   A7   A  A7
Some words are better left unspoken

A          Dm/G                         A    
My         ideas       seem to frighten you
        G                      D
Are you really that afraid to move
     G                             A
Oh I guess that it's your right to reason

A         G                              A
I'm still dealing with a force that's so strong
    G                     C
The force is stringing us along

solo before outro:
A  A7 (ad nauseum)   

C  G  C  G   A  (?) (Can't quite understand this lead before outro)

Outro: A     C      G      D     A            repeat til fade
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