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Hank Williams Iii - Callin Your Name tab

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	   D 	  	           G
Ive been up all night and I cant sleep
 	   D 	  	  	       A7
Ive been thinkin about you and I cant eat
   D 	  	  	  	 G
I tried to go outside but it started to rain
 	 D 	       A7   	  	        D
And Im sittin here in tears Callin Your Name 

                    G 	  	  	     D
Callin Your Name or Lord I need you now
I didnt know how far I was driftin out
            D 	  	     G 	 
And its been so hard livin all alone
 	     D               A7 	  	  	    D
I need this time Lord please can you give me a home

Solo: D G D A7 D G D A7 D

D 	  	  	                             G
Its been so hard these last few years without you
 	   D 	  	             A7
Ive been wild and I didnt have a care
           D 	  	                     G
And I caused myself so much sorrow
            D 	 A7                 D
So Im callin this time can I be saved?

G                         D 	   A7 	  	  	 D
     Im callin this time Lord please can you give me a home?
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