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Hank Williams Jr - Stoned At The Jukebox tab

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intro: E A E

E                                             A
Just as long as I can keep alot of friends around me 

      E                              B7
oh it helps to keep a worried mind occupied.

E                                A
I do alright till dark of night surrounds me

    E               B7             E
and then I think of her and then I cry.
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               A                                    E
Lord there's a cold hart gone and I'm stoned at the jukebox

              B7                                E
playin I cant help it if I'm still in love with you.

                 A                                          E 
Cause that's the kind of song's it takes to get all this old hurtin out.

A A         E                              B7        E
     Lord I love that hurtin music cause I am hurtin too.    
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