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Hank Williams - Gulf Shore Road chords

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Song: Gulf Shore Road
Artist: Hank Williams Jr (
Album: 127 Rose Avenue
Words and Music by: Randall Hank Williams
Tuning: Standard
Capo: No

(No Guitar) 	            D
I wanna live on Gulf Shore Road
 D 	  	         G
And lighten up my heavy load
 G 	  	      A7
Make all my blues go away
 A7	  	        D
Lookin' across Pelican Bay

(No Guitar) 	          D
I wanna live on fresh seafood
 D	  	        G
And never be in a bad mood
G                              A7
I want to dance with you real slow
 A7  	                       D
Moonlight beach on Gulf Shore Road

 D 	  	  	    G
Not enough time now in the day
 G  	                       D
For people to ever find their way
 D  	                          A7
Back to their heart and to their home
 A7 	  	  	        D
We're too busy talkin' on the phone

(No Guitar) 	              D
My little girl just wants to play
 D                      G
In the sand and in the rain
 G  	                          A7
And that's all we're gonna do ya know
 A7                         D
Life is good on Gulf Shore Road

Break: D D G G A7 A7 D

D  	                      D
Wish everyone could come on down
 D                            G
Jump in the water and mellow out
 G  	                    A7
Don't even think about the news
 A7  	                       D
Just bring shorts and tennis shoes
 D   	                       D
Catch the fish and drink the wine
Stay here until it comes the time
 G                      A7
For me to pass away and go
 A7  	                        D
Lord let it be like Gulf Shore Road
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