Hannah Montana - Been Here All Along chords

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Capo on the 2nd fret. I'm not so sure about the whole thing, but it sound good, i 
think. Let me know what you think!

E             Asus2
Sunrise and I lifted my head
         E                            Asus2
Then I smiled at your picture sitting next to my bed.
E                    Asus2
Sunset and you're feeling okay 
           E                          Asus2
Cause you smile at the letter that I sent you today

         A                E
And I, can't wait till I see you again
        Asus2           E
And I, both say remember when,
     Asus2                 E
The band played on the forth of July
And you held me on your shoulders way up high


You're still there for me
Wherever there might be
            Bb          Cm
And if an ocean lies between us
I'll send a message across the sea
That you can't sleep tonight
Knowing it's alright
     Cm                   Bb          A
I believe that you wil listen to my song
You're with me
You've been here all along
You've been here all along
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