Hanson - Mmmbop tab


Capo 1/2 (Can be played with either capo 1 or capo 2)

This intro tab repeats at various points throughout the song.

     D          A          G          A
e|---2----------0----------3----------0-----------| ||
B|-----3----------2----------0----------2---------| ||
A|------------------------------------------------| ||
E|------------------------------------------------| ||

This little riff is the riff the distorted guitar plays. You can mess about with the 
pattern but the power chords are pretty much what he uses.
       D          A         G          A
e|--------------------------------------------| ||
B|--------------------------------------------| ||
A|-5---5---5-5---7-7----5---5---5-5---7-7-----| ||
E|---------------5-5----3---3---3-3---5-5-----| ||

From there on the chord pattern is pretty much this:

D: (xx0232)
A: (x02220)
G: (320033)
A: (x02220)

With two beats per chord.

Happy playing :)
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