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Hanson - Underneath Acoustic tab

Underneath (Acoustic Version)
Tabbed by Paulo Sorreda
Email: my my space and yahoo account) friendster account)
Hey Its me again!!this time I make some corrections from this tab.
The verses were excellent but the chorus is somewhat awkward from the previous tab.
Thanks anyways to that tabber...
As I've seen the acoustic performance by Hanson,the chorus were only played by 4 chords only
and the song are blended it with piano,acoustic guitar and somewhat of a wind instrument used
 as a solo and background from the verses.
Anyways im not going to tabbed those out.Here is now the corrected version, i didn't change any 
thing from the verses, i only corrected the chorus part and put some words to complete the tab.
Anyway the song is easy to play!!!!(anyone can do it!!really!!trust me!!)  

Tuning: Standard
Chords needed:
G: 320003
G/B: 320033
C: 032013
Am: 002210
D: 000232
Bm: x24432
G  		G/B
Waking up this morning
Thinking this can't be real
 G			G/B		C
But they say there is nothing love can't heal 
G			G/B
Why don't you come on down 
So you can feel what I feel 

Am 	    G		C
Sitting all alone in this place 
Even though we're here face to face 
Am		G
There is nothing gone 
But there's something wrong 

Can't you see 
D	  Bm		C      G
 that I'm stuck here underneath 
D	     Bm        C            G
 And you're making it hard to breathe
D	    Bm		     C               G
 So take a look around and tell me what you see     
D            Bm         C
 You'll find me underneath 

ADLIB: G-G/B-C (just listen to the cd for the pattern)

I know what to say but don't know where to begin 
The fear of losing you beneath my skin 
Is there resolution for this pain that I'm in



ADLIB: G-G/B-C (on this part im really not sure if the chords are correct or
		the chords being used are the same as the chorus but it works both ways)
	coz you'll find me woah oh oh!!

SOLO:again in this part the wind instrument is being used and to the other part of the 
verses as background)you can back this up by using G-G/B-C around 3x

If only you could feel what I dream 
Maybe you could hear what I mean 
There is nothing gone 
But there's something missing 


*note:from the verses strum your guitar moderately,then as the last word from the bridge 
strum your guitar hard up to the end of the chorus then moderately played again
and of course the same as your voice
(if you can shout as the Hanson can!!! what the heck!!! its not bad to pretend)
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