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Hanson - A Song To Sing tab

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Artist: HANSON
Tuning: standard--real chords from song, like the piano.

Intro: B F# Ab C#m B F#

Verse 1:
B       F#        Ab
Good-bye four leaf clovers
C#m     B      F#
Hello, gone awry
B        F#              Ab 
Don't cry the fight ain't over
C#m         B                F#
Unless you let it pass you by

B                  F#        Ab
I'm looking for a song to sing
                   E          F#     B
I'm looking for a friend to borrow
                   F#   Ab
I'm looking for my radio 
                  E           F#     B
So I might find a heart to follow
                      F#                    Ab
I've never been just longing for your loving
                      E               F#    B  
I've never been just wearing down to nothing
                      F#                   Ab
I've never been just looking for a reason
               E                 F#    B  F#  Ab 
So that maybe you'd be thinking of me
E                 F#   B    F#, Ab, E, F#
You'd be thinking of me

Verse 2:
B              F#          Ab
All that I have found in reason
C#m                B       F#
Is reason just to not believe
B              F#             Ab
When all that you are left is treason
C#m             B              F#
It's treason just to let it be


 E                      B
Blue yonder dreams and second hand shoes
You're so far gone 
That you live to lose
     E                B           Ab   F#
And it's too late to go home all alone
 E                         B
You're the tar in that old cigar
         F#                 B
And the worn out cable on a cable car
E                B                          F#
And you're too tired to admit you've got to choose

repeat Chorus 
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