Hapa - Haleakala tab

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Haleakala – Hapa

Haleakalä goes pretty fast, so you'll need some good solid strumming skills. I also 
that my version is down a halfstep (so instead of C Bb and F chords, its C# B and F#) Either 
you play it, it will sound like the song. Good luck, have fun and hit me up at myspace.com/colinkiley

Cx2  Bb F
Hele a’e ana i Haleakalä
I luna o ka wëkiu
I laila e pä mai ka makani

Holo aku ana i Kula
Aia lä e pö‘ai ‘ia
I ke ‘ala anuhea o ka noe

Pi‘i ana ma ke ala hele
I ka uka ‘iu ‘iu
Aloha ‘äina o Maui no ka ‘oi

Bbx2 Cx2 Bbx2 Cx4

Ha‘ina mai ka puana
No ka holo aloha ‘ana mai
I Haleakalä e kü kilakila nei

Bbx2 Cx2 Bbx2 Cx4

Cx2 Bb F
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