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Harry And The Potters - Missing Arm Of Viktor Krum tab

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Oh Ron

G         A      D        Bm       G    A    D
You were so glad when you got that Krum figurine

But now

            A                D
Things have changed or so it seems

       G                A              D       
And we wonder if it's because of Hermione

        G            A
Because after the Yule Ball I found 

    D       Bm     G      A
The missing arm of Viktor Krum

D    Bm       G    A
Underneath my bed

Oh Ron
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     G           A                       D
As a wizard we expect a little more from you

           G                         A                   D
Because at Hogwarts they don't teach hokey stuff like voodoo

                     G            A                 D  Bm     
You should know that dismembering figurines of your enemy 

      G        A          D  Bm  
won't help you impress Hermione 

      G      A          D   Bm    G    
she's not interested in mutilated toys

     A                  D
What is it with you and her?

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