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Harry Belafonte - Island In The Sun chords

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C                 F
This is my island in the sun
         G7                       C
Where my people have toiled since time begun.
C             Dm
I may sail on many a sea
    C                     G7      C
Her shores will always be home to me.

C          F
Oh, island in the sun,
G7                 C
Willed to me by my father's hand
C                  F
All my days I will sing and praise
        G7                    C
Of your forests, waters, your shining sands.

C                     F
As morning breaks the heaven on high
  G7            C
I lift my heavy load to the sky.
C                     Dm
Sun comes down with a burning glow
C                         G7       C
Mingles my sweat with the earth be low.


C              F
I see woman on bended knees
G7                   C
Cutting cane for her family.
C                Dm
I see man at the water side
C                   G7      C
Casting nets at the surging tide.


C                   F
I hope the day will never come
     G7                   C
That I can't awake to the sound of a drum,
C                 Dm
Never let me miss carnival
         C              G7   C
With calypso songs philosophical.
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