Harry Manx - Never The Twain chords

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(capo on 3rd fret for original key of E flat)

Verse 1:
     C                    Em7                 F    
Well those who know don't say, and those that say don't know
Am             Em                        F     
You can travel only so far, till there's nowhere left to go
C                  Em7                  F 
When the world's a race track, yeah and you're a snail
Am                   Em                  F   
Did love walk by and leave you, weak and pale?

C              Em7            F  
Wiser men than you and I have failed
   Am                         Em                      F
So what if the one who stands out is the one who gets nailed?
C              Em7            F  
Wiser men than you and I have failed

Verse 2: (chords as Verse 1)

Some folks wish they could live in some kingdom of truth
They're watching time with the saints and sinners, and the saddhus
Here in a world of bright promises, all come and gone, (all come and gone)
It's better to light one candle, before your day is done

Bridge (try it on mandolin or harmonica)

Verse 3: (chords as Verse 1)

Fools are all ears, but hear nothing that's being said
Man bites dogma and the battles rage inside his head
The fearful unite and try to own your world, oh it's true but
Love and you don't care a lick about what they do

Refrain (as above) and repeat last line 
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