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Harry Nilsson - I Said Goodbye To Me tab

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I Said Goodbye To Me

C          /B           /A            /G 
I said goodbye to me, I looked in the mirror,
       F        /E  D7 /E
Then I began to cr-y-y.
C             /B               /A            
I'll leave my things behind for all to see,
    /G	            F    /E    D7 /E  
and hope that she will understand why.
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Dm         /C           Bb                        A             /E
Ending the game is like changing the name of your favorite song.
Dm          /C            Bb                      A
Step out of rhyme for the very first time and the song is gone.

There's nothing left to say,
I'll pack up my memories then I'll walk away.
I hope I'm doing right, but by tonight,
the horse and coach will be on his way.

Verse 1

by: Josť Duarte
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