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Harry Nilsson - Me Myself I tab

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Me Myself & I

C                 A7
Me, myself and I, you know weíd rather die
D               G                   C
Than to hear it said that you donít love me
Me, myself and I, our hearts would break and weíd cry
D                        G                         C
Then there would be more tears than all the stars above me

Em 			Am7
Iím not a romantic, my minds is all made up
Dm 				        G 
You could fill my cup if you said you love me
Em 			   Am7
One of me is frantic, the other two are too
Dm                           G     
I could swim the Atlantic if only youíd say I love you

Me, myself and I would be a happy guy
And all it takes is thinking that you care
Me, myself and I would never tell a lie
On that we can agree and that we need you

Iím not superstitious, not I, but fourís my lucky number
Itís always been that number, donít know why, but itís true
Even nopw when I think of it, itís all so clear to me
That you and me make two but you and me and me and me  

by: Josť Duarte
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