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Harvey Danger - Moral Centralia tab

Artish: Harvey Danger
Song: Moral Centralia
Album: Little by Little

Little Guitar Riff:

Verse 1: (No Guitar)
ďYou are weak, I am strong, and 
Iíve done nothing but lead you on,Ē she said.
(Piano Fill)

  G                A#
Drove around all night, 
      D          High E
stoplights were interminable,
       G             A#
But I get along all right 
     D       HighE            G
as long I donít have to interact
             A#          D     HighE   
With anyone else on a meaningful level, 
         G                             A#         D
Iíll be fine Because I donít want to marry my convictions, 
(not right now)
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