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Hateen - A New Way To Die chords

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B5       D/C#5            D5  
 It's enough when you had 
          A5             E5         F#5 G5  
 All that you could ever want to
 But you still want more
      D/C#5                      D5 
 Then you change your heart direction 
         A5              E5      
 Looking for a new way to
F#5 G5 
 Compensate time you lost regreting time
D5           A5
 It's all a lie
 You keep telling yourself
F#5 G5
 A desperate try to grab a new direction
D5              A5  
 A new way to die
               E5                  F#5 G5
 The space between a new goodbye
 The seconds you can't breath
 E5          G5
 When your life is caged in kiss
 When you think it can be real
 E5            G5
 And for the first time it feels real

 But it's not (B5 D/C#5  D5 A5 E5 F#5 G5) 2x
B5        D/C#5              D5
 Nobody's talking on the phone
          A5                   E5       F#5 G5
 It's not the first time you're alone
B5        D/C#5            D5
 How could you still care
          A5                   E5         F#5 G5 
 When you get home there's no one there
 (Chorus Again) 
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