Have A Nice Life - Bloodhail tab

Title: Bloodhail
Artist: Have a Nice Life
Album: Deathconsciousness
Tabbed by: Mathias
Tuning: EADGBE (standard)
Tempo: 80 seems alright

This is the riff that is played on guitar throughout most of the song.

      E     Ab          B                       E
E |-------------------------------------|    |--------------0------------|
B |o-----------------------------------o|    |-----------0-----0---------|
G |------1------------------------------| 2x |-----1---------------------|
D |---2---------------------------------|    |--2-----2------------------|
A |o-------------6-----------9---------o|    |---------------------------|
E |----------4-----------/7-------------|    |---------------------------|
Let all notes ring



Alternatively, you can play it exclusively on the E-string: 


I am in the process of making a guitar pro-tab for Bloodhail and I would love some 
help with the drums.
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