Hawk Nelson - Made chords

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Am    F    Am    F

Verse 1:
            Am   F                Am     F
Why do you hide     from who you are?
            Am                       F                    C    G/B
Why do you run from the mirror, pretend to be who you're not?
             Am   F                   Am   F
Why do you fight     to accept yourself?
              Am                         F                        C   G/B   
Aren't you more than the tears you've cried and the fear you've felt?

     Em                            F
Oh, tell me what you see, tell me what you see
And I'll tell you something else

         C               F               Am              G
Youre beautiful, wonderful; Perfectly made, perfectly made
         C               F               Am              G
Youre meant to be what you see; You're not a mistake, not a mistake
               Am            F                    C/E        G
Brighter than stars that shine; You light up the Maker's eyes
      C                         F                     C/E              
And you'd believe if you could see; The smile on His face
      G                        Am   F    Am   G
The moment you were made, made

Verse 2:
              Am     F                Am      F
Lift up your face;       Now is your time
            Am       F                                    C     G
'Cause everything changes when you find yourself in His light



    Am               G            C                F            
Before the sun was given light; Before you opened up your eyes
    Am         G          C                    F       
Inside out, soul and heart; He made you to be who you are (x2)

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