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Hawkwind - Brainbox Pollution chords

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Brainbox Pollution

Intro:  Ab.......
        Ab - Bb - B - C# - B -Bb

Well my body's burning up and I'm feeling so bad
And I think it must be something that I've just had
Screaming sounds are buzzing through my brain
Am I mad or am I sane?

Bridge: Bb-Bb-Bb - Ab-Ab-Ab - 
F-F-F    } x 2
        F-F-F    - Ab-Ab-Ab - 
Bb-Bb-Bb }

I can't control my body any more
It's reaching down into the very core
I've gotta find a way of solving the solution
Is this what they call Brainbox Pollution?

 Ab                 F#
Take my hand, I'll lead you on
    Fm                E
To learn so far, my dream's your own
Ab                  F#
Is this world that we all find
      Fm            E
It's leaving us so far behind

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