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Hayden - Pots And Pans tab

Pots And Pans
By: Ian Reilly (
Song: "Pots And Pans" by "Hayden"
Album: "Moving Careful"

Chord formations

    D       C/G       G       C        
   -2-      -3-      -3-     -0-
   -3-      -3-      -3-     -1-
   -2-      -0-      -0-     -0-
   -0-      -2-      -0-     -2-
   -0-      -3-      -2-     -3-
   -X-      -X-      -3-     -X-     

Intro:  D
[ Tab from: ]
D       C/G    G
there a couple up the stairs
D      C/G           G
making noise all the time
D       C/G           G
late at night they're banging
their pots and their pans
   G              D
oh man they're so loud
   C/G   G         D 
until 10 pm to get out
      C/G        G
or i'll call the cops 
or chicken out.

repeat the verse again.
end on D.
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