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Hayden - Middle Of July tab

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Middle of July
By: (
Song: "Middle of July" by "Hayden"
Album: "Moving Careful"

G		     Em		   C	        G
I don't know if thats your leg or is it mine, were entwined
G		     Em		   C	        G
and I can't tell if its day or night outside, we closed the blinds
C	       Am   G
and I feel so good, inside
C	       Am            D
when you come into my mind
C	       Am            G
I can't wait till you come home
C	       Am              G
and your skin will replace, the phone
G		     Em		   C	              G
I don't know is that your eyelash or mine, I think its mine
G	     Em		         C	       G
and tell me about the night we slept, outside
G	             Am    G
when you had to leave, decide
G		 Am     D
whether we should even try
G		 Am  G
by a burnt out street, light
G	     Am  G
in the middle of, July
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