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Head Automatica - Brooklyn Is Burning tab

Head Automatica
Brooklyn is Burning
tabbed by Timothy Ross


  (h)-indicates hammer on
E ---------|--------------------------|
B ---------|--------------------------|   *when you play the first chord
G ---8-----|--------------------8-----|    lift your fret hand up or mute
D ---8-----|--------------------8-----|    the chord directly after playing
A ---6-----|-------6-9h-6-------6-----|    it so that it doesnt ring.
E ---------|---6-9h--------9-6--------|

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  (Chorus)                            (END)
E ---------------------------------||--------|    *repeat chorus(4x)
B ---------------------------------||--------|
G ---------------------------------||--------|
D ---------------------------------||--------|
A --6---------------6-9h-6------*--||--8-----|
E ----2-4-5-6---6-9h-------9-6-----||--6-----|

 (Play after first chorus)
E ------------------------|
B ------------------------|
G ------------------------|
D --88--66------8---------|
A --66--44--66--6-(ring)--|
E ----------44------------|

Repeat Verse
Repeat Chorus

   (guitar one: play after 2nd chorus)
E ---------------------|
G ---------------------|
D --66------88---------|
A --44--66--66--99-----|             
E ------44------77-----|
   (guitar two: mini solo)             *note: guitar one and guitar two
E ---------------------|                      play at the same time
G ---------------------|
D ------4-6h-4---------|
A ---6-----------------|
E ---------------------|
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