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Heart - Treat Me Well tab

Treat Me Well by Heart
From Little Queen
This song changes timing for the verse, going from 2/4 to 4/4 for the chorus.

Intro  2x / verse beginning 1x before change:

         Well I have lost sometimes, but I have won
Dm                 Dmmaj7
And if you make it through
                Dm7     Dm6
You know youve just begun
Em                 Am
The winter cold is coming
Em                    Bb
The fire will soon be burning

   C                 Bb
So will you treat me well
          F        D        C (pick) G
Oh, will you treat me well

Second verse lyrics, same progression from picking to strumming:

And I am asking, will you save a place for me
To rest beside your heart
And feel Im free
For what good does feeling strong do
When I am here without you

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse without lyrics
Repeat Chorus

Ive been playing this for years, parts were shown to me by Nancy herself when I met her 
but memories do fade. Still, it sounds the same as I used to play it.  I might have the 
changes backwards, but I think I got it right  just dont bite my head off!
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