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Heather Dale - Joan chords

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A song where I especially like the lyrics, with an interesting rhythm. 
As usual ear-transcribed, I think the song is actually higher than my chords so I 
tried with Capo and everything but didn't find out yet.
Other ideas always welcome.


Vese 1:

  Am         C
I am as god made me
  Am         D
I have no desire
     Am           G
For a mouth at my breast
   Am           D
Or a pot on the fire
  Am              C
I heed the higher voices,
  Am           D
I go where I'm sent
   Am           G          Am       D
To mow down the men who refuse to repent
I'm a scythe
     Am            G
In a field full of briars


And they won't call me mother
Or sister or wife
They will know me or not
by the strenght of my life
       C                       Am
I will burn with a light of my own
        C          G
They'll know me as Joan

Verse 2:

     Am           C
The courage of Catherine, 
     Am            D
The flames of the forge,
    Am            G
The Sword of St. Michael, 
    Am            D
The blood of St. George,
  Am            C
I take what I'm given, 
    Am       D
I follow my truth,
    Am     G         Am          D
I gladly abandon the bloom of my youth,
I'm the lashing, 
     Am             G
that falls from the scourge.

Last verse and chorus the same.
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