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Helevorn - Nobody Is Waiting chords

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{title: Nobody is Waiting (Fragments)}
{subtitle: Helevorn}

{c: Tunning: 2 steps down}

Intro: Em / D / Am / G

You're arr[Em]iving, feeling s[D]o strong 
L[Am]iving into the cross, how did I b[G]ecome this? 
You're t[Em]eaching me and to s[D]ome other folk, 
so alo[Am]ne, Can I beli[G]eve in what you give me? 

[Em]  [G]   L[Am]ady, you're r[C]unning fast but nobody is w[Em]aiting 
[G]   L[Am]ady, don't r[C]un away, you won't forg[Em]ive 

Looking when you're falling d[C]own 
At the same time that you l[G]ose the way to the last t[Am]rain 
[Em] Everyday you tell me ab[C]out your presence in this ne[G]therworld 
And you can buy it [Am]by the date of your birth 
[Em] Sing inside the sph[C]ere where notes em[G]erge 
Your past is n[Am]ow, it wll always be 

[Em]  [D]   [Am]The real past is only one h[G]undred photographs 
[Em]  [D]   [Am] To see all the future, [G]maybe we're not competent 
[Em]  [D]   [Am] I'll try to find a way to collid[G]e against you



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