Hellcats - Take My Hand - Hellcats chords

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It's in G

so G- Eminor-C-D-G

Take my hand
Iíll show you how
To get up to the slide
I will be watching
I will be waiting
On the other side

Thereíll be time for everything
Letís sit
And spell just now
Take my hand (x2)
Iíll show you how

Everything Iíve ever done
Has brought me back to here
Everything I have Iíd give
To see the future clear

Know this time
Iíll face my fear
Say rightt here right now
Take my hand (x2)
Show me how

(Pause Music)

Twenty times there my heart broke
Might have broke a couple I guess
But when you show up I swear my heart
Poppeíd right through my chest

Here is how you tie a shoelace
Here iss how you climb a tree
Here is what you need to do things
Way better than me

Iíll be here by your side
As God and time allow
Take my hand (x2)
Iíll show you how

Take my hand
Take my hand
Iíll show you how
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