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Hello Saferide - Middleclass tab

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Middleclass by Hello Saferide
Tabbed by Johan "Watchtower" Persson

Intro C F

C                 G                  Am                F
You and me, let's steal a car, let's rob a bank, let's travel far, 
      C                    G               Am
let's wear these shirts my grandpa used to wear. 
    F            G        C
And then I will be happy, I swear.

      C                     G              Am               F
I'll point the gun, you'll keep the engine running, I'll be running to you.
F                 G                    Am 
You'll be saying: darling our haircuts aside
F                G          C
we are just like Bonnie and Clyde.

F                  C           G          
I'll probably feel bad for not taking the train but
Am                      F                 C            G
you'll say: it's in the country, and it's raining.

C                              G     Am        F
We'll kick open a cabin in the forest, I'll be scared like I am.
F                                  G                          C 
You'll put a flashlight under your chin and say you're Son of Sam.


F                               C
And I'll slowly pull you out of your Fred Segal
    F                     C
and high on the fact that we're illegal 
F                       G                Am
we'll make sweet loving sweeter, like we do. 
          F             G                                C
I'll say: baby you're a criminal, and you'll say: so are you.

C                 G                Am               F
You and me, let's steal a car. But first, before we go that far- 
C                       G                     Am                  F  
What's your name? Don't look so scared. Don't tell me you weren't thinking
G           C
exactly the same. 


//Fritt Skne
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