Hellogoodbye - Oh Karissa How I Miss Ya tab

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Hey peeps Wat Upppppppppp!!!!
Neways heres another tab i got for ya, nd i think its pretty acurate.
As always i did my best :-) so be Easy!

Song-Oh Karissa, How I Miss Ya 

A: |002220|
E: |022100|
D: |000232|

A - E - Bm - D x2

Palm Mute Chords.

Oh Karissa
how I miss ya'
Bm                       D
Won't you say you miss me to?

A                   E
I burn a CD through which I am pleading
Bm                   D
That you and I might hang out soon
      A                  E
Oh, I don't mean a date or anything serious
   Bm                               D
I just think that we'd be good friends

So if you're not busy, 
I'm just a bit curious
Bm                             D
if we could hang out this weekend.

Well That Was lonG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOT!!!!
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