Helloween - In The Night chords

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Helloween - In the Night (1993)
Transcribed by Jon Malmin (jogusmal@hotmail.com)
Tuning: Eb (1/2 step down)

A very religious song by Michael Kiske. It's easy to play, all bar chords.
I won't include the sus4-chords in the chorus, listen to the song and you'll know how to 
play them.
Or just look it up if you don't know them.

Intro (play this 2x):

In the night I'm calling you
        A              E
Be my guide, help me through
In the night I call your name
            A                 E
You're the light in times of shame
      D                   A      B         E
The songs I sing, all my love I bring for you

   E7                                B7
I always try to make things better, everything that has gone wrong
A7                                        B7
Mighty plans in the right direction, but very little has been done.
E7                                     B7
Everyday when I try to get forward, I find myself another mile back,
A7                                       B7
Help me fighting, help me breathing, why am I falling down instead?

D                            A                  E
Every useful minute seems to be the thought of you
       D                                   A                  E
Every hour seems like wasted, filled with things that I might do
        D                                                      B
Without love in my reactions seems the saddest thing, but it's true

[Chorus, same as the previous one]

Solo backing: E and E7, just alternate between those two chords!
Enter the next part with a B7, and play it more quietly with lots of plalm muting!

Free from ourselves and free form this world we may find
     A7                                            B7
The freedom we search, 'cause all that we need is inside
The hours we waste, we may not get back for a while
      A7                                             G     F# 
And when it gets dark, no chance will be there for a try

[Verse: same chords as previous verses]
When I wake up early in the morning, I catch abook and jump inside,
I fill my head with a million wonders, and try to fill the night with light
The moment when I get things clearer, I see another mountain to climb
And always when I think I'm nearer, I realize there is no time

[Chorus, same chords as previous choruses]
In the night I'm calling you
Be my guide, help me through
In the night I call your name
You're the light in times of shame
Sometimes I cried after all I lied to you

End the song with one and a half bar of E (listen to the song for clues)

E:           A:           B:           D:           E7:
0-2-2-1-0-0  5-7-7-6-5-5  7-9-9-8-7-7  x-5-7-7-7-5  0-2-2-1-3-0
A7:          B7:          G:           F#:
5-7-5-6-5-5  7-9-7-8-7-7  3-5-5-4-3-3  2-4-4-3-2-2
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