Her Make Believe Band - Thats Why I Like You The Best chords

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Capo: 3rd Fret


C  /  C/F   / G

C: x-3-2-0-1-0
C/F: 1-3-3-2-1-0
G: 3-x-0-0-3-0


  C                                                          C/F   C
That look in your eyes, that I know, nobody can pin down,

          F                                                         C/F  C  
Its not there all the time but when it comes, oh boy it comes around,

               F                                                  G     
Its like it suprises you too and it certainly, spooks all the rest,

            C                         F     G                    C       C/F
When your out playing civilised it comes, thats when I like you the best

Verses 2, 3 the same as above.

Verse 4:

      F                        C
And when we go out sometimes, we stare at the skyline,

     F                     C      
Say 'why is it pretty at night and not day time?'

 F                       C      
Why are we here boring sweat down the phone line,

        F                          C                     G
Just watching him stick it to us, time after time after time,

         C                          F           G                 C
Yea the one thing im sure about is you, that coz I like you the best.


C (with little variations down scale).

Sorry about the simple layout but if you have the song you should definately work 
it out with this, just listen for the strum pattern.
And if you dont have the song, you definately should.

Enjoy this simply wicked song!


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