Herman Dune - Id Rather Walk Than Run chords

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Play the Bass-Notes on a and e on the beat alternate; listen to the song.

Capo 5

e   0
b   1
g   0
d   2
a   3
e   3

and you said you didn't care about distance
that being miles apart didn't make any difference
C/G                            F
i told you i was slow and you thought that it was fun
            C/G               G         C/G
and i said: "well, i'd rather walk than run"

and if one day i make it back to my homeland
if people know the songs that i wrote for my band
well, i'll buy new shoes for my daughter and a house for my mum
but you know i'd rather walk than run

and you told me not to take the long way home nightly
you told me: "david, you shouldn't take it lightly
you could get chased by some crook or even mocked by a bomb
and i was like: "mum, i'd rather walk than run"

and it is crazy to thing how mad i made you
and it's weird to think how bad now i miss you
like when you stood there awaiting for me in the early morning sun
and i was like: "i'd rather walk than run"

and now the aching in my heart amuse me
and memories of you confuse me
but if i have to rush to get you back, i will go alone
and you know i'd rather walk than run
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