Hey Rosetta - New Year Song chords

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Verse 1

G                                   D
Lend me your walking stick
And I lean on it
                       Am                        D
And I walk on out through the snow bound yard
G                                           D
Past the neighbours on the lawn
Drinking last year out
                   Am                D
I leave this town, cut the year off clear

Pre-Chorus 1

G                       D
Cauterized by leaving
Sick and tired of living last year
G                                       D
Roll out the tarmac and baptize the air craft
 C                                        Am
Escaping loss and push me off

Verse 2

G                                   D
The cold can bleach us out
And freeze our doubt
                           Am                     D                
And all that you knew becomes muffled and mute
But I'm done with it
All this standing stiff
C                           Am             D
When I move my mouth only snow comes out

Pre-Chorus 2

G                          D
Euthanized by whiteness
But I'll arise despite this last year
G                                          D
So roll out the tarmac and baptize the aircraft
C                                   Am
Escaping loss and push me off


G                                    D
Should old acquaintance be forgot
G                                C
And never brought to mind
G                               D
Should acquaintance be forgot
C                     G
And auld lang syne
G                                   D
For auld lang syne, my dear
G                     C
For auld lang syne
G                                          D
We'll take a cup of kindness yet
C          Am        G
For auld lang syne
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