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Hi-5 - Charlis Abc chords

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Charli’s ABC
    E  F# G  A  A# B  B  C# D#


E   B E         B         E   B   E   B
A b c everybody jump with me

E   B E            B      C#
D e f swing to the right, swing to the left

E   B E             B         E    B     E     B
G h i stretch right up to the sky

E   B E          B     C#
J k l touch your toes, you’re doing well

A                         E
M n o breathe in lots and blow, blow, blow

A                          E
P q r jump and stretch out like a star

A E   A E   A E   A E   A E 
Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump!

S t u relax for the count of two

C#                      C#      G#  C#    C#     B
V w x stretch and flex, stretch and flex

A                            B    C#  B
Y and z relax and shake your arms and legs

A                 F#        B D# E
That was Charli’s exercises a to z
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