High Valley - On The Combine chords

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John Deere lunch kid and a thermos full of cool aid 
September harvest and I missed another school day 
C#m                B                            A           
14 hours worth of work and dirt and there were lessons learned 
E                                   A            
Waste deep in those fields of gold seven tons of steel and a twelve year old 
C#m                   B                       A                E
Working hard just to keep it in a straight line, on the Combine
Hand me down overalls and an a.m. radio 
Tried to get it right the first time and take it slow 
C#m                     B                   A       
Alabama singing 'in a hurry and don't know why'   
Black clouds and it starts to rain, 
running short on time and outta faith 
C#m                     B                     A                 E  
Nothing you can do but pray for the sun to shine, on the Combine

     C#m      B          A
Every time I climb that ladder
C#m          B       A          B      C#m   B     A
It takes me back to things that matter (Woah Woah Woah)
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