Highwaymen - Committed To Parkview chords

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	          Committed to Parkview - Highwaymen

Tabbed by: Dave S. 
Email: prime-prine@hotmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Artist: The Highwaymen
Album: Highwayman
Year: 1985

         A                            E
Theres a man across the hall who sits staring at the floor
          E                          A 
He thinks hes Hank Williams hear him singing through the door
         D                     A 
Theres a girl in 203 who stops by to visit me
        B                             E    
And she talks about her songs and the star that she should be
          A                              D 
There are lots of special people staying in or passing through
        A         D   A      D                A                  
And for one thing or another committed to Parkview

         A                  E 
Theres a girl in 307 coming down on thorazine
And a superstars ex drummer trying to kick benzedrine
         D                          A
Theres a boy just below me whos the son of some well known
       B                                    E 
He was brought in by his mother because his daddys always gone
         A                               D 
Theres a bum from down on Broadway and a few quite well to dues
         A         D        A            D                A   
Who have withdrawn from the rat race and committed to Parkview

         A                            E
Theres a girl who cries above me loud enough to wake the dead
They dont know what she has taken that has scrambled up her head
         D                           A  
Theres a writer and a singer who has tried and tried and tried
          B                              E  
They just brought him in this morning an attempted suicide
          A                                   D 
There are those that never made it those that did but now are through
     A       D         A                 D                A      
Some came of their own good chosing some committed to Parkview

     A                       E   
They wake us about 6:30 just before the morning meal
While theyre taking blood pressure they ask us how we feel
      D                               A  
And I always say fantastic there aint nothing wrong with me
              B                          E 
And then they give me my injection and I go right back to sleep
    A                              D
The days are kind of foggy and the nights are dreamy too
            A      D    A          D                A
But they're taking good care of me committed to Parkview
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