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Hikaru Utada - Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence Fyi chords

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A correction of another version of this song on the site.
90% sure this is right.
Intro: F  G  Am C

I give you my heart
Hold on let me sign it
       Am        C                     
Your senorita, A.K.A. your best friend
Hereby, let it be known
Love like never before
I'm always at your service 
                 C       F
You just got to holla at me
F               G
NYC, NYC (What what)
G                   Am
Tokyo, Tokyo (What what)
Am                                      C                    F
Send it out from the streets to the highest, to the highest high.

F            G
MP3, MP3 Players
G                             Am
Work it out, work it out Hustlers
Am              C       F
Om Mani Padme Hum, Hum

You know why
I'm gonna be yours tonight
             Am  C
We're gonna ooh, aah
F                   G
FYI, we're gonna be up all night
              Am     C
Iíll see you later, call me
You know my number

(Repeat the chords for the second verse.)

See I don't need a freeloader
No I don't want a freeloader
If you want a piece of this stuff
G                    Am   C       F G Am C
Got to give, got to give something

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