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Day Of Praise
By Hilary Weeks

note: i left out the "Alleluias" but if you want them, here are the chords. (just repeat 
for each alleluia) C G/C  C F/C  Enjoy!

Intro: C (for 4 counts 4/4 timing)

Verse 1:

C                         Fsus2
I might as well try to number the sands of the sea.... Gsus4

G         Am                Fsus2  Gsus4       
G  C
as to try and count the blessings you have given me

C                       C/F          Gsus4 G     
Am             C/F
As i reflect, on the miracles i've seen, my lips will not be silent and my

Gsus4       G
heart can't help but sing  C


C      F      C/E       G/B C      
C/E    F         C/E            Gsus4
I will make today a day of praise lift my voice and sing your name

C/E      F/A      G/B        C/E           
F         Dm7   C/E
For the glory of heaven, the mercy of your ways i'll make today

  F   Am7 Gsus4    C/E F      
Fsus2 Gsus4 G  C
a day of praise i will make today a day of praise

Verse 2 (same as 1st verse):

King of Kings forever you will reign
i will worship you in gratitude
rejoicing in your name



Verse 3:

D                          D/G
Sing with joy for the gifts of life and love

A   Bm7           D/G          Asus4  A
endless are the blessings that flow from you above

Chorus x2

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