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Hilera - Its A Crime chords

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			   It's A Crime - Hilera
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Tuning :Standard

Intro: G C Am7 F#/D

Oh it's a crime
Not to tell the truth

  C                    Am7 F#/D
Even if the truth kills you

It's a crime
To tell a lie

 C              Am7 F#/D
Even if a lie makes you

Oh it's crime
To be who you are

 C            Am7  F#/D
Thou shall follow orders

Coz who you are is a lie till the day you die

 C                   Am7 F#/D
If you never follow orders

Who you are

What you are

 F                D
Who you are this time


          Em          Bm        C
It's a crime to tell truth when you lie

     Em             Bm
It's crime to say goodbye

Coz no one ever sees you when you die

II:(Do Verse Chords)
Pick a line here's a dime
Its your turn this time
Turning things around this time
But to be sane is insane
That what I would say
Coz no one thinks the same anyway
It's a crime
I'llsay it one more time
It's a crime
Coz I'll never be
And you'll never see me
Be what you wanna be


(Am C D#/D D)
It's a crime to say this and act like them
It's a crime to say you love
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