Hillsong Live - Glorious Ruins chords

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Key F#  Capo 2: Chords relevant to capo

Intro: E///A///  x4

Verse 1:
         E                                           C#m
When the mountains fall, and the tempest roar you are with me
        E                                            C#m
When creation folds, Still my soul will soar on your mercy

Pre Chorus:
      A                             E  
I'll walk through the fire with my head lifted high
        C#m                    B
And my spirit revived in your story
         A                        C#m
And ill look to the cross, As my failure is lost
         E                     B
In the light of your Glorious Grace

                      E                           A
Let the ruins come to life, In the beauty of your name
                     E                     B
Rising up from the ashes, God forever you reign
                      C#m                            A
And my soul will find refuge,  In the shadow of your wings
                  E                       B      E    A
I will love you forever,  And forever I'll sing

Verse 2
          E                                                C#m
When the world caves in , Still my hope will cling to your promise
          E                               B              C#m
Where my courage ends, Let my heart find strength in your presence

Instrumental:  E///A///E///B///C#m///A///E///B


Song Order:  
Intro x4
Verse 1
Pre Chorus
Verse 2
Pre Chorus
Chorus x2
Instrumental (Woah)
Chorus x3
Instrumental x3 (Woah)
Pre Chorus
Chorus x2
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