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Hillsong Live - You Never Fail chords

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Verse 1
D                     F#m       
When waters rise all around me, 
D                           A       E
When mountains stand in the path I see
D                       F#m
I look to love that's unfailing, 
D                        A     E
I look to grace that is all I need

   Bm    F#m           E         
Oh call, call upon the Name 
      Bm          F#m             E
Jesus Christ, the only Name that saves

    D        A               E
For there is no one like our God, 
       A/C#             D
there's no one like our God
        A                E
There's nothing that can stand against You, 
A/C#        D                  E        
There’s no stronghold You can't break, 
   F#m             A/C#
no life that You can't save 
    D          E
Our God You never fail

Verse 2
D                                 F#m
Your light will shine through the darkness, 
D                         A         E
Your word will calm every crashing wave
D                       F#m
My hope it lies in Your promise 
D                         A       E
my faith it stands on the empty grave

Solo: D - A - F#m - E

D                             A                           
   Strong through every trial,  faithful through the night
F#m                        E                                       
   Our God will never fail,  our God will never fail
D                           A                   
   Anchor through the flood,  You keep holding on
F#m                         E                                       
   I know You'll never fail,  Jesus You'll never fail
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