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Hillsong Live - God Who Saves chords

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Verse 1 
F#               G#m              E                B
The light of the world shining in love, taking the fall upon your shoulders 
F#                G#m                  E           B 
You shattered the dark, as you rose to life again 
F#                 G#m                     E 
You search all the earth for those who are lost 
And leaving the rescued for the fallen 
F#                G#m               E             B 
You're leading us home as we call upon your name 

           F#            G#m            E          B 
You're the God who saves,    You're the hope of all 
          F#        G#m            E         B 
Reaching out your hand,   as your people call 

Verse 2 
    F#         G#m          E
Our Savior has come, let your will be done 
Your kingdom on earth as in the heavens 
F#             G#m               E         B 
Our freedom is found Lord in no other name 
F#          G#m                   E
You are the way the truth and the life 
Your mercy has overcome our failings 
F#            G#m           E             B 
The battle is won, Jesus in love you reign 

             E                F#
Here in your light ever brighter
                  B              G#m
We lift your name higher and higher
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