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Hillsong London - You Brought Me Home tab

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Hillsong London-You brought Me home

G              Em                C
 Your name oh lord endures forever
              D               G
Your fame oh Lord for all time
              Em                   C
Your praises Lord Will leave me never
Your love oh lord is all mine

C                        D
 To Him my wisdom made the heavens
       C          Em
And His mercy everlasting
 To the One who gives salvation
 I lift up my soul to you

G      Bm      Em  D  C
Jesus, Savior, ho-ly lord
C                           G
I know that you’ll never forsake me 
Or leave me alone
G     Bm     Em  D  C
My Redeemer, Jesus Christ
You sacrificed yourself on the cross 
To bring me home
You brought me home

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