Hillsong London - God Our Salvation chords

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Intro: Gm Bbm Eb F (4x)

Gm              Bbm
God of Wonder, God in Us, 
 Eb             Bbm
High and Lifted up, 
Gm            Bbm
Calling us into Your Love 
 Eb                   Gm
Carried through Your Son 
We give You praise 
         Eb             Bbm
In the light of all You are
We give You praise

 Eb      Bbm       F
   Here now and forever
You are God the Same
       Bbm      F
 Faithful and True
     Eb             Gm            Bbm
Our voices rise to bring You praise
The King of Heaven
      Eb                 Gm       Bbm
With hearts and lives as one we cry
God Our Salvation
				(Intro 2x)
Gm           Bbm
Everyday we see Your Light
Eb           Bbm
Everyday I know
  Gm                 Bbm
There's a path that leads to Life
Eb            Gm
Guiding into Hope
We give You praise 
         Eb           Bbm
In the Glory of Your Name
We give You praise

	(Chorus, Instr: Eb Gm Bbm F, Chorus 2x)
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