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Hillsong United - The Fathers Heart chords

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//Here's the corrected version. All the others one have chords and lyrics mistakes. "And 
everything in a decent and orderly manner". -1Cor 14:40

Father's Heart - Hillsong United

Verse 1:
E                       A
When the walls close in around me
           C#m            A             E
It's your glory light the darkness of my night
E                            A
When the suffering’s all that I see
     C#m              A                E
May I walk with You by faith and not by sight

Verse 2:
E                         A
On the road of sweet surrender
       C#m            A            E
I have nothing but to offer You my life
E                       A
Greater love I have not found it
       C#m            A             E
All by mercy, You have eased this troubled mind

Pre-chorus 1:
Open hearted
I will search
And I will find

Chorus (2x):
   E      A
Sin is broken
The lost now are chosen
The Fathers Heart

Verse 3:
E                  A
Humble King You go before me
          C#m             A               E
By Your grace I'll stand for everything that’s true
E                          A
Through your Son I am made worthy
          C#m            A                E
There’s no other who can love me like You do

Pre-chorus 2:
And forever
I’ll keep running
Back to you


You reign
A                    E
You reign in all the earth
   E       A
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