Hillsong United - His Glory Appears chords

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His Glory Appears
Darlene Zschech and Marty Sampson

Intro: Bm  F#m  G  D  D2

D           Bm               F#m  D/F#  F#m          G     D  D2
You gave me hope You made me whole           at the cross
D           Bm                  F#m  D/F#  F#m             
You took my place You showed me grace 
       G              Asus4  A  D
at the cross where You died for me

        G       D              A              Bm
And His glory appears like the light from the sun
G      D      A  Asus4 A 
Age to age He shines
G           D     Em              Bm
Look to the skies hear the angels cry 
        A           G     
Singing holy is the Lord...

Piano Solo:

D   Em   Bm   G (x2)
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