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Hillsong United - Loveenough chords

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Love Enough
Hillsong United

Intro: AmFCG 
Your love’s enough to see the 
broken hearts
Gain a brand new start with a 
brand new heart
Am                                 F
As the faithful hope in things unseen
You’re enough to see all the things
they dream come to life

We’re living in the Saviour today
And this day is what we have now
In this moment we have chosen to praise
And it’s changing how we live now

C                                        Am
   Your love it broke my fall
It’s more than enough and I need it
Cause I’ve never known better
And I’ll never know better

Your love’s enough to see 
the humbled man
Find the cause of Christ
With his outstretched hands
As the cripple grabs his mat to walk
You’re enough to save him 
from the pain He bore
This love will see me soar


Am                    F                                   Am
        My Saviour         You’ll never let me go
                            G   |
My life is now secure| 2X

And in Your hands my future’s brighter
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