Hillsong United - Stay And Wait chords

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Em, D, C, G

Verse I

Em   D                    C     G
 Who spoke the Earth and sky to form?
Em   D                C         G
 Who sets the sun and calls the dawn?
Em   D                  C       G
 Who breathed me out of dust to life?
C    Em               D       G 
 The will to trust or run and hide


        Em  D            C          G   
 I will stay should the world by me fold
 C            Em          D        G
 Lift up Your name as the darkness falls
        Em  D          C           G
 I will wait and hold fast to Your word
 C             Em           D       Em
 Heart on Your heart and my eyes on Yours

(Repeat Introduction)

Verse II

Em   D                   C     G
 Who loved me through my rebel way?
Em   D               C      G
 Who chose to carry all my shame?
Em   D                   C       G
 Who breathes in me with endless life?
C    Em            D     G
 The king of glory Jesus Christ

(Repeat Chorus)


Em, C-G, C-G


C                  G          
 God of wonder and God of grace
Em                 D
 Let my soul stand always to praise You
C                    G 
 Fix my eyes on Your perfect way
Em                   D
 And I'll never look back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Introduction)

Verse III

Em      D               C         G          
 Who lifts the poor and heals the blind?
Em   D                  C      G
 Who trampled death for all mankind?
Em   D                   C              G
 Who stands for all with arms stretched wide?
C   Em           D     G
 My King forever Jesus Christ  

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